‘Daragh O’Toole’s flawless score throbs to persuasive effect’ — (The Irish Times)

‘A key stylistic element is Daragh O’Toole’s brilliant score which creates a spare but evocative sonic evocation of  the film’s psychological themes’ — (Estudios Irlandeses)

‘Berry’s film is full of tiny poetic details, from Daragh O’Toole’s lyrical score to the heartbreakingly pathetic graffiti tributes teenagers scratch into sidewalks…’ — (The Hollywood Reporter)

‘Featuring a terrific score by Daragh O’Toole…’ — (The Irish Times)

‘Daragh O’Toole provides the score again on I Used To Live Here. It’s a sparse, haunting church-organ sound that gradually creeps in on the characters like a piercing shroud’ — (The Irish Post) (U.K)

‘Benefits from a genuinely affecting score from Daragh O’Toole.’ — (

‘An enveloping score by Daragh O’Toole’ — (The Irish Times)

‘In a better Ireland, every locale would have a Ron Cooney at their disposal, and they, like Cooney, could call on people such as composer Daragh O’Toole.’ — (The Irish Times)

‘Music and the salvation within music are at the core of the story as it follows the progress of the Ballymun youth choir and orchestra as it prepares to perform and release their debut EP with the help of composer Daragh O’Toole and the RTE Concert Orchestra.’  — RTE.IE

‘The Music isn’t bad either.’ — (Entertainment.IE)